About Boost

Boost has a portfolio of properties primarily in the USA and Canada, vetted specifically for mining with large scale power available immediately. Boost builds and operates its own data centers, in addition to brokering the sale or lease of desirable locations to 3rd parties.

  • 01. Resource Stability

    We work with utilities that can provide inexpensive power at scale, and do it profitably. No political outrage from subsidized power, that can lead to surprise price hikes and eviction

  • 02. Location Excellence

    All properties provide excellent climate characteristics, security, Internet availability, and access to maintenance/repair contractors if desired

  • 03. Favorable Regulations

    All jurisdictions are zoned for industrial use, and have fast and minimal (if any) permitting required to commence construction


Our Team and Mission

Many players focus on the absolute cheapest power, without considering all the factors that that will impact their operations. We focus on optimized overall value


Our locations all have large scale power already running to them. Install transformation, assemble the data center structure, and start hashing


The team is made up of formally trained electrical, mechanical, and software engineering experience. We pick locations and design projects to last


5th percentile power costs in the continent, and a proven supply chain for construction results in higher profits

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Offerings at scale for all needs

Managed Hosting

You have 100kW or more of ASICs or GPU rigs and are looking for a place to run them long term.

  • High density hot/cold aisle modular layout for effective space utilization
  • Active montoring for humidity, temperature, network, and facility security.
  • 95+% uptime guarantee. All equipment is insured
  • Pricing starts from 75USD/kW/month for basic needs

Turnkey Facility Build & Operation

Our team builds and/or maintains a facility on your behalf

  • Established supply chain for each location
  • Guaranteed build times and expense for many properties
  • Properties in proximity of major cities for ease of maintenance
  • Pricing variable on needs. Joint ventures can be explored

Raw Land Brokering

We sell or lease land with large power availability for parties interested in getting set up on their own

  • Up to 50MW potentially available. Inquire for the latest situation
  • Minimal or no local permitting requirements
  • Pricing variable on location. Joint ventures can be explored